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Defence Innovation Challenge 2.0 (DIC 2.0) - सशक्त समन्वय

Karnavati University and its incubators are persistently functioning towards building robust and conducive ecosystem for supporting and nurturing innovators, technocrats, startups and entrepreneurs for building and validating defence oriented technologies, products and services.
University's focused defence initiatives towards uplifting the spirit of making India a self-reliant nation has resulted into exchanging Memorandum of Understanding with the first Regional Technology Node (RTN) at Pune launched by Southern Command, Indian Army.

Brief on previous efforts:
Karnavati University had organized a Defence Demo Day in June 2022 attended by officers, JCOs and NCOs. 22 startup companies participated in the demo day demonstrating 35 products which has direct implementation in the field of defence. The Demo Day resulted into shortlisting of 11 companies for their real time field trials.

Karnavati University has launched Defence Innovation Challenge 2.0 for absorption of cutting edge technologies for military modernization, achieving self-reliance in defence manufacturing and subsequently exploring possible synergies between Startup, Industries & Academia. The outline of the event is as follows:

Defence Innovation Challenge 2.0 Apply Now

The Karnavati University would like to propose a Defence Innovation Challenge 2.0 in association with HQ 11 Infantry Division / RTN, Indian Army. This innovation challenge will emphasis on below mentioned broad categories:

  • Surveillance
    1. Optical Surveillance
      1. Long/Short Range PTZ Surveillance System(Cooled/Uncooled)
      2. Night Vision
      3. Spotting Scopes and Binoculars
      4. Telescopes
      5. Perimeter Surveillance Radar (PSR)
      6. Unattended Ground Sensors
    2. UAVs
      1. Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles (UCAV)
      2. Tethered Drone
      3. Underwater UAVs
      4. Micro Air Vehicle (MAV)
      5. Anti-Drone Systems
    3. Software based solutions
  • AI based Solutions
  • Battlefield Management Systems
  • Vehicle Management and Tracking Systems
  • Communication Technologies
  • Power Generation and Management solutions
  • Portable Shelter
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Water Purification Solution and Systems
  • Utility/Accessories
  • Waste Management
  • Clothing
  • Fire & Safety
  • Kitchen Utensils
  • Medical

The Startups will be invited and shortlisted for the proposed challenge on the basis of

  • Alignment towards proposed Problem Statement/Area
  • Indigenization Level in Product/Solution made
  • Product/Solution Readiness Level
  • Acceptance for NCNC Trials

  • Step 1:- Applications will be invited nationwide from February 15, 2023 till March 31, 2023
  • Step 2:- Primary filtration by Karnavati University by April 15, 2023
  • Step 3:- HQ 11 Infantry Division / RTN will evaluate & shortlist the filtered applicants by April 30, 2023
  • Step 4:- Final shortlisting through virtual meeting post technical validation by Command Office by May 15, 2023
  • Step 5:- Selected applicants only will be invited for final showcasing, demonstration and real time field trials on NCNC

  1. Each applicant will be given maximum 10 minutes for presentation followed with technical evaluation
  2. Command Office will evaluate applicant only for the proposed product as define for this innovation challenge

  1. For this Challenge, Startup shall mean and include its human resources, machineries, products and or equipment's
  2. For this Challenge, incubators shall mean and include Karnavati Innovation Incubation Foundation (KIIF) and Defence Design Technology Incubator of India (DDTII)
  1. THAT the role of the Karnavati University and its incubators is limited to act as a facilitator and liaison only.
  2. THAT, the Karnavati University and its incubators do not endorse, promote, advocate, promise or authenticate about the technicalities of the products or its components displayed.
  3. THAT, all trials/demonstrations/exhibits/illustrates will be on NCNC (No Cost No Commitment) basis only, which means that: Karnavati University including its incubators, Buyer/Customer/End User or Any other related agency (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Parties") will not pay any cost and they do not promise/award/reward/commit for any expenses incurred by the startups participating in the trials demonstrations/exhibits/illustrates.
  4. Karnavati University or its incubators will not extend any financial assistance to any startups that are invited or nominated for the trials / demonstrations / exhibits / illustrates.
  5. The startup hereby agrees and accepts to abide, THAT, the Startup will have to make their own arrangements for transportation, lodging, boarding and contingency expenditure, the startup understands and accept that Karnavati University or its incubators shall not be responsible for any arrangements.
  6. The startup hereby undertakes to indemnify the Karnavati University and its incubators, including the Parties for any loss or damage caused by the startup while and/or during the live trials/demonstrations/exhibits/illustrates as per the following terms:
    1. The startup is entitled to on actual basis in case, any damage or loss is caused due to the negligence/malfunctioning/operational error of the product/equipment or any other cause by/of such startup, to Karnavati University or its incubators or the Parties, during the live trials/demonstrations/ exhibits/illustrates
    2. The startup understands and agrees that it shall be given an opportunity to pay/ reimburse the affected Party/Parties (to whom such damage or loss was caused) within 2 (two) working days from the day such damage or loss was caused to such Party(s), Provided, that the amount to be paid / reimbursed shall be calculated either on actual basis or as per the claims demanded by affected party/ parties.
    3. The startup hereby agrees and accepts that, he will showcase the exact product and innovation discussed. In case of the falsification / unavailability / misrepresentation of the discussed / shortlisted / selected product during live trials / demonstrations / exhibits / illustrates at given premises/location, the shortlisted Startup/Company will be blacklisted.
  7. The startup hereby undertakes and agrees that, it shall not hold Karnavati University or its incubators responsible or liable for any kind of loss, damage, injury or any such untoward incident that may happen to of the startup or any other party during the live trials/demonstration.